Realize your potential!

So, you are sitting there, with your ideas wandering through your mind, and wondering how to realize them? Start sharing them with the public and our network!

We will connect you with the support you need to make it happen:

  • believers with experience and resources to help accomplish your dream
  • business experts
  • supporters from all around the world
  • curators

How to submit a project

The submission project is straightforward, go to the submit project page, fill in the information needed and wait to hear back from us.

Remember to log in/register and to fill in your profile, before starting with your appllication.

What do we request from you:


Include a brief description to catch the public attention, and a longer one with more details on your project.

Add a picture or a logo, and, if you want, include a movie to make your supporters curious!

You can provide additional material to support your application and make it successful. Think for example to add your Business Plan, a brochure, or other Business related documentation.



Think carefully about what you want to achieve, how, and what you would need to do so.

We'll ask you to fill out a budget form: you can set a final project goal, deciding if that has to include money, material, or services (or all three!) that you need.

If its material or services you need, you will receive proposals from your potential supporters, receiving their applications and selecting your favourite ones.



Why not rewarding people helping you out?

Set a list of incentives, perks that you offer to your supporters.