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Crowd Angels Pricing is based on the value we create: "Share What's Fair"

We speak value.

We've though long about pricing. How can we justify e.g. a percentage price if we promote non-monetary donantions? Maybe by adding assigning a value to all donations? That's also difficult. What is the correct value? And will underestimating the value not bring the project in danger if donations are trough funds, leaving projects underresourced? Oh, and will we have enough income if customers can change the parameters of our pricing?

Pay What's Fair?

We've found our pricing for Crowd Angels answer in the "Pay what's fair" approach. Or even better, in "Share what's faire". We believe that it is fair to be compensated for the work our team put's in, the capital our investors make available, theknowledge and expertise we share, our development and infrastucture cost and indeed a profit-margin that helps us grow. On the other hand we find it more than fair that you should not bare more cost that the value we create for you. Your value may be found in pre-financing your production costs, finding committed volunteers, unlocking new pottential in your community or driving innovation in your organisation to new highs.

Share What's Fair

Therefor we propose "Share what's fair" pricing. We'll share with you what we think is fair, and we invite you to share your the value you believe we create for you. As Crowd Angels we care, we share and we look forward to create value with you. As we grow and learn, we'll refine our "standard" offering introduce more roff-the-shellf pricing packages for your crowd campaigns

Let's start talking

We'd love to discuss how we can create value with you. Let's get the conversation started with a mail to 

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