Do you have an idea?Find a Crowd Angel to guide your project. You‘ll need other stuff then just money to execute your idea. Maybe someone to cover your back. Maybe expert advice. Certainly exposure. You know what? There's still good folks out there. You just have to find them. Our Crowd Angels will cover your back. Pitch your idea or find your Crowd Angel.

Are you a Believer?Pay it forward and donate resources. Believe in change. Donate money, services or equipment. Your reward? Depends on the project. Maybe money. Maybe participation. Maybe a gift. Maybe a new friend. Certainly a clear conscience. Engage in a project.

Are you a Crowd Angel?Support ideas, support people. Your organisation can be a Crowd Angel for people with good intentions and excellent ideas. Your reward? A front seat in our creative backyard. Extra points for social responsability. And heavenly business opportunities. Become a catalyst for change.

Are you an Agency?Whether you are a digital marketing agency, a crowdfunding consultant, a startup coach or regional development agency, you have one major mission in life: Helping others succeed! Crowd Angels offers you the possibility to offer your services to our Crowd Angels, Campaigners and Believers.